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Little Brudders Itinerary

If you’ve subscribed to this blog or just intend to drop in from time to time you might be thinking - this man is bonkers! Montréal to Victoria on a bicycle? At his age? Or perhaps you are thinking - is there anything I could do to help?

I’m so glad you asked. Below you will see a list of towns and cities I’ll be visiting. Maybe I’ll be talking with local media or dropping into a bookstore or library. Or just taking a bit of time to relax and recharge.

My budget is modest. Correction. My budget is meagre. Mostly I’ll be wild camping where permitted. ”Stealth camping” where possible. Maybe chatting up a farmer to see if I can set up a tent in a field overnight.

These strategies are not really feasible in bigger towns and cities. A couple of friends have already offered to contact people they know and trust. You know… put me in touch with a network a folks who have big back yards and big open hearts. Somewhere in the cities and towns where I can pitch my tent and keep my gear secure.

So if you know someone that fits that description - big yard, big heart - give them a call. Maybe drop them a text or email? Tell them what a swell guy I am and offer to put us in touch?

Below are the cities I’ll be stopping in and the (probable) dates I’ll be there. Typically, I should arrive the evening before the date indicated and leave the morning after. So really - I‘m searching for two (sometimes three) nights of backyard camping.

You can message me from the blog. My phone number and email are there, as well, at the bottom. I know you hate to “impose“. I hate to impose, too. But when you are solo bicycle touring, a little kindness goes a long way. And will not be forgotten.

Wed 08 June – Ottawa

Tues 14 June – North Bay

Fri 17 June - Sudbury

Wed 22 Jun - Sault Ste Marie

Sat 02 July - Thunder Bay

Sat 09 July - Kenora

Wed 13 July - Winnipeg

Thur 14 July - Winnipeg

Fri 15 July - Portage la Prairie

Mon 18 July - Brandon

Sun 24 July - Regina

Mon 25 July - Regina

Tues 26 July - Moosejaw

Fri 29 July - Swift Current

Fri 05 Aug - Calgary

Tues 09 Aug - Banff

Wed 17 Aug - Kamloops

Sat 20 Aug - Merritt

Fri 26 Aug - Kelowna

Sat 27 Aug - Penticton

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