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A Rainy Morning

A Rainy Morning


The creatures that slime their way

Across their allotment of this globe

Those that row themselves on the oars

Of their hundred churning legs

Crawlies with antennae

Or pilots whose wings make

Tiny electric screams

The furry sort smaller than a clutch purse

Descending the refuge of the trees

Their teeth chisel the tough fabric

Of so-called bear-proof bags

Perhaps in frustration

Or perhaps it is proprietary

They leave behind the strong scent of urine

The foxes - lords of the farm lanes

The deer - timid debutantes at the dance

Groundhogs plump as grocery bags

Moose all gangly like lank teenagers

Tall enough to dunk baskets without leaping

Testing the highway to escape the woods

Teeming with mosquitoes thick as fog

Soaring turkey vultures with heads

As red as guts plucked from a carcass

Eagles golden - eagles bald

Falcons with wings like long blades

Hawks sharpening their talons on the sky

Birds that rattle every dawn

With chipperness

Or draw curves on the air with their whistling

Hidden like a box of crayons

Flung petulantly into the foliage

Their colours flashing as brief as spring

I am sheltering from the rain for this hour

Waiting so that I might roll up my sodden tent

And resume the ride

I am in my den like the other creatures

Huddled somewhere under trees or leaves

Or rocks or clumps of soil or anywhere

That the dripping clouds can’t drown us

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1 Comment

Sharon Cheema
Sharon Cheema
Jul 05, 2022

Delightful imagery! I hope the rain didn’t last too long …

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